McCready vs Browns

Andrew Geddis blogs at Pundit on why he thinks Graeme McCready may not suceed in getting a private prosecution vs Len Brown. The bottom line is that unless you have witnesses coming forward to allege some link between the free hotel rooms at Sky, and his support for their conference centre bid, then there is no proof.

I concur it is unlikely to go anywhere.

The Herald also reports that McCready is considering a private prosecution against Brown’s wife, Shan Inglis:

Mr McCready said he would be in Auckland on Monday to file briefs of evidence in that matter and would also seek legal advice about whether there was enough evidence to lay charges against the Mayor’s wife Shan Inglis.

Mr McCready alleged gifts in her name were a “laundering exercise” to avoid Mr Brown having to declare them on the register of interests. …

Mr McCready said he would prepare two charging documents against Ms Inglis anyway.

“There’s no doubt that there’s culpability. It sends a message to all of these spouses,” Mr McCready said.

“By accepting these freebies, Ms Inglis became a party to her husband’s alleged offending and in the interest of justice she ought to be made accountable.”

Oh for God’s sake, leave the poor woman alone. Hasn’t she suffered enough. Going after family like this is deplorable, unless they have done something wrong and there is no evidence at all she has.

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