A good appointment

Anne Tolley announced:

Police Minister Anne Tolley has announced the appointment of current Deputy Commissioner Operations, Mike Bush MNZM, as the next Commissioner of Police.

Mr Bush, who has a wide range of operational experience both in New Zealand and overseas, has been appointed for a three-year term which commences on 3 April 2014.

Mr Bush has been Deputy Commissioner Operations since April 2011, and through Prevention First and Policing Excellence has managed a change programme in Police which has contributed to a 17.4 per cent drop in recorded crimes over the past three years.

He has held challenging roles in rural, provincial and urban areas, and as District Commander in Counties Manukau he pioneered the implementation of Neighbourhood Policing Teams, which have successfully been introduced across the country.

Mr Bush was responsible for planning and operations for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, and also led the rollout of smartphones and tablets for frontline staff which has contributed to an additional half a million frontline crime prevention hours each year.

As Police Liaison Officer for South East Asia, Mr Bush was the first New Zealand official to reach Phuket following the devastating 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and was awarded the MNZM for his work during the operation.

Bush is very popular with rank and file police, and I place great store in their opinion. He also produced outstanding results at Counties Manukau District Commander.

His comments on Bruce Hutton as Hutton’s funeral, was a error of judgement and he has apologised for them. But I am glad they did not stop him getting the job. 35 years of excellent service should not be over-shadowed by one eulogy.

Retiring Commissioner Peter Marshall was also a popular top cop with the rank and file, and he produced some good results during his tenure. I hope Mike Bush will be able to do the same.

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