Great way to make a living

The Herald reports:

City Impact Church founders Peter and Bev Mortlock are selling their Whangaparaoa mansion – and its pricetag has surprised one church member, who says some in the congregation are struggling to pay their bills after giving so much to the church.

The couple are selling their luxury mansion in Gulf Harbour, north of Auckland, for $1.88 million.

Best known for fronting a weekly church-funded TV programme, the Mortlocks have put their 548sq m private home on the market.

A person who has been attending City Impact’s two Auckland branches in Mt Wellington and Albany for the past three years knew of a church member who was struggling to pay his bills after giving so much to the church.

I reckon setting up a church or religion must be one of the easier ways to make money.

The churchgoer said representatives made a big push during each service about the importance of giving to the church before baskets were passed around for the weekly offerings, given on top of tithings of 10 per cent of people’s salary.

What other business has a variable price based on income, rather than a fixed price as most goods and services have? It’s a good business model, so long as you can convince people the price means they get salvation.

Payments could be made by credit card, Eftpos, cash, internet banking or a new mobile app.

Smart. Good to see the business up with the technology.

Mr Mortlock, a former salesman and real estate agent, and his wife front the religious show.

Not so much a career change, as a change of product that he sells.

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