No private prosecution for Brown

Stuff reports:

An attempt to take a private prosecution against Auckland Mayor Len Brown has reached a block in the High Court.

Private litigant Graham McCready yesterday filed an application for orders and directions in a lawsuit against Brown in the High Court in Wellington.

McCready, a Wellington resident, initially filed papers relating to the prosecution in the Auckland District Court.

He was told yesterday the case was not a criminal matter, and has gone back today asking for a review of that decision.

McCready said he was asking for a review because he could not understand why it was considered a civil matter when the proposed charges were bribery and corruption.

Because there is no proof of them. Brown acted very badly, but there is no proof his actions were criminal. Lying is not a crime. Not disclosing a free hotel rooms is not a crime. They are reasons for him to resign, but not reasons to be in court.

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