Joyce once voted Social Credit!

Steven Joyce does 12 questions with the NZ Herald. Some extracts:

No, I haven’t always voted National. I’ve never voted Labour but I’m thinking I might have voted in ’81 for Social Credit and ’84 for the New Zealand Party. 

It’s fine to have voted NZ Party in 1984. But Social Credit in 1981 – oh dear me.

Are older dads different do you think?

You’re assuming I’m old. I’m younger than I look, I assure you. I don’t know about different, but sometimes it’s hard for older dads to keep up. You do get the benefits of experience of course. I’m just glad I am a dad. Should I have done it earlier? Well, that would have been a problem because I hadn’t met my wife.

Heh, indeed. As it happens I was present the day they met! But so were around 200 other people – it was a National caucus party.

Who is the non-National politician you admire most?

It has to be Annette [King]. We’ve had five years together on radio now, talking in the breaks and so on. I volunteered to be her campaign manager for the Labour leadership – I even had a slogan “King for Queen” – but she has yet to take me up on it.

Never too late!


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