Some large donations

The Electoral Commission publishes details of large (over $30,000) donations to parties as they are disclosed. These are the seven large donors since 2012:

Donor Amount Party
Colin Craig  $721,000.00 Conservatives
Brian Dalley (Estate)  $430,259.33 Labour
Laurence & Katrina Day  $100,000.00 Conservatives
Alan Gibbs  $100,000.00 ACT
Xiao Miao Fan  $53,602.65 National
Contue Jinwan Enterprise Group  $49,220.18 National
Graeme Douglas  $42,000.00 National

To put this is context, during the last three months of an election campaign a party that contests all 71 seats can spend up to $4,740,400.  Of that $2,915,700 can be spent on party vote campaign and $1,824,700 on getting electorate candidates elected.

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