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Kelvin Davis will become an MP again, once Shane Jones resigns. Not certain how long he will be an MP for as Labour’s gender quotas means 47% of their caucus at least must be female.  So the top few spots on the party list must go to women.

However hopefully Davis will (this time) be given a winnable list place as he seems one of the better Labour MPs. He has written on Facebook what his four priorities are:

Priority 1: no surprises, improving Maori educational achievement, and more importantly, improving Maori achievements through education. I’ll argue to my dying breath that education is the road to Maori success.

I agree. I look forward to some education policy from Labour that is more than just promising to abolish national standards and charter schools – policies both designed to help under-performing students.  Where does Kelvin stand on National’s pledge to pay the best teachers and principals up to $50,000 more in return for them sharing their assisting other teachers? Is Labour going to abolish this also?

Priority 2: Regional Development for Te Tai Tokerau. We’ve got plans and strategies coming out our ears in TTT, but unless a Govt stumps up with some serious dough to implement these plans we’re wasting our time. Even a quarter of 1 percent of the money going into the Christchurch rebuild would go a long way to rebuilding the Tai Tokerau economy. Te Tai Tokerau has endured it’s own tragedy, but it happened over 40 years not 40 seconds. The effects on our people have been equally devastating in the long run. 

Shane Jones was a big supporter of mining for Northland, yet opposed by many in his own party. Where does Davis stand on mining in Northland? Also does he support the mandate for the Ngapuhi settlement, which could deliver hundreds of millions to the region?

Priority 3: Te Reo Maori, it’s in a sad state and one of the reasons is that it has been rendered down in most communities to a ceremonial language that had little relevance to most peoples everyday lives. We need to make Te Reo a transactional language so that if i wish I can walk into any business, bank, supermarket, service station or pub and conduct my business in Te Reo if I choose. It is a right English speakers enjoy without having to think about it. Those who wish to conduct daily transactions in Te Reo do not enjoy this right. There are a number of simple and relatively inexpensive practical activities that can happen to get people speaking Te Reo in the community. A lot of dosh is being spent on initiatives that have questionable impacts on improving Te Reo. They need to be reprioritised.

I’m glad he’s not asking for more money – just a reprioritisation. I’d encourage him to be specific.

The Government currently spends $77 million a year on the promotion of Maori language and culture. Where would he cut money from, and what would he spend it on?

Priority 4: Stopping sexual, physical and emotional abuse of women and children, and yes to men as well.

I was outraged with the Roastbusters scandal and the well publicized sexual abuse/ pedophile cases in Kaitaia over the last few years. 

I sat back and waited for a male MP especially any male MAORI MP to make a stand and say something along the lines of “What the bloody hell is going on that men can treat women and children like this?” I was waiting for a male MP to take a stand and tell all of us men that this abuse is (predominantly) a male problem, and that we need to sort our shit out ourselves. We need to have serious conversations with our sons, grandsons and nephews about how a real man treats a woman. But i bet this is just too hard for most males.  …

So I determined if no other male MP was prepared to stand up and start lecturing men on how we need to treat and love our women and children, and if I was ever in the position again to pick up that mantle, I will.

Some months ago I approached some people who work in this field and told them if i ever get back into parliament, tell me what I need to do to support them. I’ll give them a call soon.

So men, I don’t give a rats arse if I’m accused of not being a REAL bloke, I’ll still be a sports and rugby fanatic, get on the piss, keep up my fishing, shooting and getting lost up in the bush – but i love my wife, daughters, mother, sister, nieces,cousins, friends and colleagues too much to ignore sexual, physical and emotional abuse any longer.

Very supportive of Davis showing some leadership on this.

I support all of the four goals he has outlined (well not sure I agree you need Maori as a transactional language, but agree getting little return for the amount spent), but they key is coming up with specific policies and initiatives to achieve them. Hopefully he will detail these in weeks to come.

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