Labour again focusing on the big issues

The Herald reported:

Labour's Immigration spokesman Rajen Prasad says he would be concerned if British television cook Nigella Lawson was given an exemption to come to New Zealand solely because of her celebrity status while other cases of people in more need were being rejected.

Labour now campaigning on keeping Nigella out of NZ. That will go down well.

Although she had no convictions, Lawson was ineligible for a because the United States had refused entry, so a discretionary ‘special direction' was required for her to enter New Zealand in May to film another advertisement for Whittakers chocolate.

Mr Prasad said as a rule he did not believe people abused drugs should be allowed in to New Zealand but there should be discretion to allow it in special circumstances.

Really? So he thinks Bill Clinton should have been declines a visa, because he smoked pot at Oxford? Also should the Beatles have been banned?

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