Conflicting evidence

Stuff reports:

Kim Dotcom’s estranged wife has told a court that John Banks asked for a political donation to be split into two cheques so it could be kept anonymous.

But her testimony differs from Kim Dotcom’s yesterday, when he said she had left a dinner before the donation was discussed. …

Mona Dotcom’s evidence of being present during the donations discussions conflicted with Kim Dotcom’s version yesterday.

Kim Dotcom had said his wife had left the lunch before the donation was discussed, but Mona Dotcom was adamant today that she was present.

She also said the staff member who made out the cheques was not there when others had testified he was.

It is not unusual for witness to differ on small facts. It seems unusual to differ on something as basic as whether or not Mrs Dotcom was present.

Regardless of the Dotcom testimony, I have said in the past that no candidate should sign a donation and expense disclosure form without carefully reading every line of it, and personally satisfying themselves it is correct. Regardless of the verdict, I don’t think what John Banks did was good practice.

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