Is this photoshopped?


A reader sent me this photo, from Labour’s facebook page.

They comment:

They’ve obviously photoshopped Cunliffe into this photo – check out the right side of his head.

I’m not a expert but I’ve shown it to a couple of people who handy with photo editing, and they reckon it is photoshopped. They may be wrong. Any experts out there who can offer an opinion?

UPDATE: Have had confirmed that was at the rally. So the image may be touched up, but is genuine.

UPDATE2: Or maybe not. A reader e-mails:

Place your Cunliffe image in Photoshop

Go Image > Adjustments > Brightness/contrast and change brightness to about 40

separates Cunliffe from background

obvious fiddle

9 added arrows indicate small ‘artifacts’ in sloppy selection in cutting him out of original

1 on suit should is wrong lighting

The adjusted image is below:

10290653_745931255452051_758842494378045277_n-560x560 copy


UPDATE3: Heh, a reader sends in this photo, from the archives:

Martin Luther Cunliffe

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