Latest TV3 exclusive scandal – National is selling access to dead people

3 News reported:

The National Party is facing more accusations of systematic fundraising like it does with its Cabinet Clubs.

This time it’s through a trust called the National Foundation, which targets large donations from deceased estates.

I thought the media reporting on fundraising issues couldn’t get more stupid – but this is definitely a new low.

3 News thinks there is something wrong with a political party doing “systematic” fundraising, and specifically that supporters of National are being asked to leave a bequest in their wills.

I’m sorry, but WHAT THE FUCK?

Do they think dead people are getting access to Ministers in return for donations from their estates?

Or are they worried that dead people are purchasing policies to make heaven a nice place to live?

Should we have a law to stop people donating money to political parties in their wills?

This is the moment where coverage of this issue did not just jump the shark, but the shark ate Fonzie.

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