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The HLFS is out. Somewhat annoyingly, the unemployment rate has remained at 6% – but this is due to more people entering the labour force. Key stats:

  • Employment up 25,000 for the quarter and now 83,000 higher than a year ago
  • The job growth is full-time not part-time. 30,000 new full-time jobs
  • Unemployed remain at 147,000 and 6.0% rate
  • Our unemployment rate is 11th best in OECD, compared to 12th last quarter (out of 34)
  • Those not in labour force down 20,000
  • Labour force participation rate is 69.3% up from 67.9% a year ago
  • The number of hours worked increased in the quarter by 2.7%

Also the average ordinary time earnings are 2.5% up from a year ago.

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