The evils of sharia law

Stuff reports:

Sharia police in the Indonesian province of Aceh will publicly flog a young woman for adultery after she was turned in by eight vigilantes who had already gang-raped her as punishment.

The woman, a 25-year-old widow, and her alleged partner, a married 40-year old man, were caught inside her home last Thursday by a group of eight who were intent on enforcing the sharia prohibition on sex outside marriage, local media reports say.

The eight, who included a 13-year-old boy, tied up and beat the man and repeatedly raped the woman before dousing both in raw sewage.

They then marched the couple to the office of the local sharia police.

Hard to get a better example of why sharia law is evil.

Religions and states should not be mixed up, with the state having the power to enforce religious dictates. This is what happens when you do.

As always, it is important to distinguish between Islam and Islamism. There’s nothing wrong with a religion where people choose to join it, and voluntarily follow its teachings.

But there’s a lot wrong with Islamism, which is a political ideology based on implementing certain interpretations of Islamic practice into law.

It is my view that Islamism (not Islam) is as incompatible with having free democratic states as communism and fascism are. They are have an ideology where the state is all powerful.

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