The Internet-Mana Party

Stuff reports:

Mana and the Internet Party have confirmed they will contest this year’s election together in a party to be called Internet-Mana. …

The agreement will see a combined party registered to contest the election although the parties will remain separate outside Parliament.

The Internet-Mana Party will be led by Harawira who will also be number one on the combined party’s list, with the leader of the Internet Party at two. The next two spots will belong to Mana members.

The Internet Party leader will be announced on Thursday.

Here’s a question for online detectives.

The Internet Party major reason for existing is Internet issues (well actually to stop an extradition, but in theory Internet issues). S the first question is how often has the Mana Party or Hone Harawira (as a Mana MP) spoken on Internet issues before the merger was floated? Once or twice? Any policies? Any meetings?

A search of the Mana Party website shows they have only once mentioned the word “Internet” before the merger was floated.

Now likewise the Mana Party is primarily a Maori nationalistic party. So again how often has Kim Dotcom spoken on Maori or Treaty issues before the merger was floated?

The deal would see the Internet Party provide significant financial resources although both men refused to say how much, saying it was still being worked out.


So here’s how the voting will work. Assume Hone will win Te Tai Tokerau (which is not a given as his constituents may not be keen on being purchased by a guy who allegedly doesn’t even pay his staff minimum wages). So how it will work

  • Below 0.4% – seat is an overhang
  • 0.4 – 1.1% – 1 MP – Hone Harawira
  • 1.2% – 1.9% – Internet Party leader gets in
  • 2.0% to 2.7% – Annette Sykes gets in
  • 2.8% – 3.5% – John Minto gets in
  • 3.6% + – a second Internet Party MP

UPDATE: Whale reports that Sue Bradford has quit Mana saying:

“Sucking up to German millionaires is not my vision of the future”

Sue has shown she remains a person of principle.

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