Harre was on Greens campaign committee until a fortnight ago

Stuff reports:

Meanwhile, Norman revealed that new Internet Party leader Laila Harre had wanted to be a Green Party MP before she quit her adviser role in Decembern. 

A spokesman confirmed she was also on the campaign committee until a fortnight ago.

If this was Game of Thrones, Harre would be a sellsword or a mercenary. How can you be on the national campaign committee for one party a fortnight ago, while negotiating to be leader of a competing party?

Also enjoyed this quote from Matthew Hooton on Q+A about how the Mana-Dotcom alliance will appeal to young non-voters:

This talk of the the youth vote is just awful when aging baby boomers think they’re going to connect with Gen Y through their kids … Harre is 48, Hone Harawaira is 59, John Minto is 61, Pam Corkey who is designing the comms strategy to appeal to youth is 58, Annette Sykes is 53 and Willie Jackson is 53.

It’s like a sex pistols reunion tour. It’s a bit of fun, but it risks being embarrassing for everyone.

It is looking like the Alliance reborn.


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