Parliament Today 26 June 2014

Questions for Oral Answer

Questions to Ministers 2.00PM-3.00PM

1. Dr JIAN YANG to the Minister of Finance: What changes has the Government made in recent years to make the tax system fairer and to help families and businesses get ahead?

2. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Internal Affairs: On what basis was the recall and cancellation of New Zealand Passport LN138690 undertaken?

3. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Associate Minister of Finance: Does he still believe that a 33 cent top marginal income tax rate is the reason for fewer departures to Australia in 2014?

4. CATHERINE DELAHUNTY to the Minister of Education: Did she write a new preference factor for Partnership School applicants on the 14 November education report “Confirming Round Two of Applications to Operate Partnership Schools”; if so, on what advice?

5. CHRIS AUCHINVOLE to the Minister of Conservation: What reports has he received on the extent of the damage to West Coast forests from Cyclone Ita and what estimates are there of the area affected and the volume of wood felled?

6. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Housing: How many homes out of the 5,000 earthquake damaged Housing New Zealand homes have completed repairs as part of its Repair 5000 programme?

7. TIM MACINDOE to the Minister of Education: What recent announcements has she made to celebrate and recognise the highly effective and innovative practice happening across the education system?

8. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Minister of Defence: Has there been a reduction in the capacity of the Army in the last three years to sustain an overseas deployment; if so, why?

9. MELISSA LEE to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What support is the Ministry of Social Development providing to people in Christchurch still dealing with the impact of the earthquakes?

10. GARETH HUGHES to the Minister of Conservation: Does he agree with the statement given on behalf of the Minister of Energy and Resources that “there has not been a single observation of a Māui’s dolphin in the block offer area”?

11. CAROL BEAUMONT to the Minister of Justice: Given the magnitude of the problem of family violence, is it acceptable to her that none of the Family Violence Death Review Committee’s recommendations from their last annual report have been completed, and no action has been taken on a number of recommendations around funding family violence training for professionals, and addressing the need for better multi-agency practice addressing family violence?

12. KANWALJIT SINGH BAKSHI to the Minister of Statistics: What is the Government doing to modernise the next census?

Today Labour are asking about the top tax rate, housing repairs, deployment capability of the New Zealand army, and family violence. The Greens are asking about partnership schools funding, and dolphins.  New Zealand First is asking about the recall and cancellation of passports.

Patsy question of the day goes to Tim Macindoe for Question 7: What recent announcements has she made to celebrate and recognise the highly effective and innovative practice happening across the education system?

Government Bills 3.00PM-6.00PM

1. Appropriation (2014/15 Estimates) Bill – Committee Stage

2. Subordinate Legislation (Confirmation and Validation) Bill (No 3) – First Reading

3. Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill – Second Reading (continued)

The Appropriation (2014/15 Estimates) Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister of Finance, Bill English. This bill seeks parliamentary authorisation of the individual appropriations contained in The Estimates of Appropriations for the Government of New Zealand for the year ending 30 June 2015 .

The Subordinate Legislation (Confirmation and Validation) Bill (No 3) is being guided through the house by the Leader of the House, Gerry Brownlee. The Bill’s purpose is to prevent the lapse (expiry or deemed revocation) of certain subordinate legislation that, by virtue of the Acts under which it is made, lapses at a stated time unless earlier confirmed or validated by Act of Parliament.

The Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill is being guided through the house by the Minster of Commerce, Craig Foss. This bill amends the Commerce Act 1986, introducing criminal sanctions for hard-core cartel behaviour and making amendments to provisions that govern jurisdiction and penalties.

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