A racist future Maori King


You can see this and other photos on Sean Plunket’s page.

One News reported:

The Maori King’s son is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons again – now he’s facing criticism over offensive comments on his Facebook page.

Nineteen-year-old Karotangi Paki’s page contains racist comments towards Asians and variations of the Nazi slogan ‘Sieg Heil’ that has been adopted by the Mongrel Mob.

And this guy got let off his crimes, so it wouldn’t interfere with him becoming Maori King one day. His grandmother was a revered figure, loved by many. Her son is not of her calibre, and this guy is just a racist crim.

Time for Maoridom to become a republic, or at least change the succession.

UPDATE: Actually it turns out he is the younger son, and never seriously had a chance of succeeding anyway. His lawyer just spun a story to the court. His older brother, it seems it a much more decent person:

But a source close to the family said Mr Paki had always been a mischievous child and had never been expected to take over from his father.

The source said King Tuheitia’s eldest son, Whatumoana Paki, had been groomed from a very young age to one day rule.

“Whatu was brought up to be the successor to his father and was also raised by a lot of old people in Tainui. Whereas Korotangi was the spare — and he was never expected to do anything. I think Whatu would be an ideal successor because he is a hell of a nice kid.”

Good to hear the older brother is not of the same ilk.

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