Experts on Dotcom video

The Herald reports:

Auckland University political marketing specialist Jennifer Lees-Marshment said the video’s rhetoric about revolution and changing the Government looked effective, but “reminds me of propaganda, chanting-type campaigning more reminiscent of Hitler and fascism [in Nazi Germany] than New Zealand in the 21st century”.

For the record I don’t think Dotcom is a Nazi, even though he collects their memorabilia. But I do think he is a bit of a German nationalist, as see by the tapes of him in the car boasting (incorrectly) to Mona about how the Germans built the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty.

Massey University political marketing expert Claire Robinson said the video undercuts Ms Harre’s claim to integrity. “Laila Harre was expressing such indignation about John Key’s ‘sugar daddy’ comment and the need for respect in the political debate, and at the same time you have Kim Dotcom posting a video inciting hate speech, in effect.

“It is sinking to such a low, and completely at odds with what she’s trying to do, exposing yet again the enormous disconnect between Kim Dotcom’s hatred for John Key and the way that she wants to campaign.”

Laila gets offended when Dotcom tweets a silly joke about Batman killing a hooker because he used his real name, but thinks there is nothign wrong with the party she leads posting videos of people chanting “Fuck John Key”.

Imagine if a group of young activists were filmed a few years ago chanting “Fuck Helen Clark”. Laila would be demanding they be arrested for hate speech, or something.

Family First NZ yesterday laid a complaint about the video with the Advertising Standards Authority.

That could be interesting. It is worth recalling again this wasn’t a video shot by an audience member. This was an official video of the Internet Party.

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