Labour on assets buy back

Stuff reports:

Labour leader David Cunliffe has refused to confirm if his party is planning to buy back state-owned assets sold by National.

In a confusing exchange with reporters today, Cunliffe first said the party would “be saying more about that before the election.” 

Asked to clarify if voters could expect the party to set out a position before polling day next month, he replied:  “No, I haven’t said that.”

But he later appeared to back-track, saying: “They will certainly know before they cast their vote.”

God knows what that means.

Another story suggests that their bribe to get Winston on board will be $100 million a year to buy “assets”. Basically this means the politicians will be playing the stock market with our money. It won’t even be in a professional investment fund. If Labour win, then Cunliffe and Peters will decide on our behalf to buy shares in maybe Contact Energy, maybe Xero, maybe Kathmandu, maybe Woolworths. It will just be a giant slush fund, run by politicians.

If they think they are so good at playing the sharemarket, they should borrow against their homes, and invest with their own money.

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