Gower on the election

Patrick Gower writes in the HoS:

The polls show the left can’t win – they can’t get the numbers together to get a feasible majority no matter what.

The right can get the numbers together to win – but not without some serious compromises. It looks as if it’s not a matter of whether Key wins, but more how he wins.

Let’s start with the death throes of the left.

The Greens’ tricky, cynical and reheated claim they could work with National was probably the final gasp of the left bloc this week.

It was just Greenwash, really: Russel Norman and Metiria Turei hate Key and everything he stands for, and have spent the past three years bashing National.

It was a coded sign the Greens don’t think David Cunliffe and Labour can make it and are trying to grab Labour voters if there’s a further plunge.

Who needs enemies when you have the Greens?

Astute analysis.

To be fair, the Greens owe Labour nothing. Labour has treated the Greens poorly all year, trying to pretend they don’t really exist.

Now it’s payback time, with the vegetarian vultures feasting on Labour’s carcass.

Love the turn of phrase!

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