McCarten and Whale Oil

Labour have insisted that no one from Labour or the left deal with Whale Oil, and that he is just a pawn of the 9th floor. Ironic considering Whale has more effectively attacked some National Ministers than Labour has managed!

But NewstalkZB reports:

Labour’s leader has confirmed his chief of staff has had dealings with blogger Cameron Slater but is refusing to say what they’ve involved.

David Cunliffe says Matt McCarten has had contact Mr Slater and that he has no concerns about this.

And despite saying sunlight is the best disinfectant with regard to the release of Mr Slater’s hacked computer data, Mr Cunliffe is declining to say what the dealings might have been.

“There is nothing to fear and there is nothing to hide. I don’t go around releasing peoples’ private communications.”

Labour have gone after John Key because he has had around four conversations with Cameron Slater in the last year. I wonder how many Labour’s Chief of Staff has had? Surely it is not more than four? More than 10? More than 20?

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