Party leaders on “family” issues

Family First have done a very interesting table showing the positions of the nine party leaders on 35 different moral, family and social issues.

It is perhaps no surprise that Colin Craig’s views align with Family First on 34 of 35 issues. 2nd is Winston Peters who is consistent on 27/35 issues.

Some of the issues:

  • Define marriage as one man and one woman – only Craig and Peters in support, all others opposed
  • Allow polygamy – Key, Peters, Craig opposed, Turei and Whyte undecided, others no response
  • Income splitting for parents – Whyte, Craig, Flavell, Peters, Dunne in favour. Key undecided. Turei, Harawira, Cunliffe opposed
  • Decriminalise abortion – Whyte, Turei, Dunne, Cunliffe support. Key, Criag, Peters oppose.
  • Decriminalise euthanasia – Whyte, Cunliffe support. Key partially support. Craig, Dunne opposed. Turei, Harawira, Peters undecided
  • Decriminalise cannabis – Whyte, Turei, Harawaira support. Cunliffe partially support. Craig, Flavell, Key, Peters Dunne oppose
  • Raise drinking and purchase alcohol age to 20 – Craig, Flavell support. Peters partial support.All others opposed
  • Liberalise Easter trading laws – Whyte, Key, Dunne support.
  • Three strikes legislation – Whyte, Craig, Key support. Peters partial support. Turei, Harawira, Cunliffe, Flavell, Dunne oppose

The degree of agreement with Family First for each leader is:

  1. Colin Craig 34/35
  2. Winston Peters 27/35
  3. John Key 11/35
  4. Hone Harawira 10/35
  5. Peter Dunne 10/35
  6. Metiria Turei 8/35
  7. Jamie Whyte 8/35
  8. Te Ururoa Flavell 5/35
  9. David Cunliffe 4/35

My personal alignment is 7/35 or 20%.

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