2015 predictions

In emulation of the excellent Fairfax annual predictions, here are my political predictions for 2015. Some serious, and some less so.

  1. There will be a by-election in 2015
  2. There will be no changes to the composition of the Key in 2015
  3. Two Labour List will leave Parliament in 2015
  4. The Government will post a small for the 2014/15 fiscal year
  5. Andrew Little will remain Labour Party Leader
  6. Jacinda Ardern will be annointed Labour Party Deputy Leader
  7. Four of the original five charter schools will get good reviews, but one will close
  8. Not a single members' bill will pass into law in 2015
  9. At least one person on Labour's list, will waive taking up their spot in Parliament, when vacancies occur
  10. An MP will announce their engagement
  11. Helen Clark will not stand for UN Secretary-
  12. Labour will reach 30% in at least one poll in 2015
  13. Trevor Mallard will throw Winston Peters out of the House for disorderly conduct
  14. An MP will get pregnant in 2015
  15. Whatever decision the Government makes on helping combat the Islamic State, it will be condemned by the
  16. No ACT MP will be charged with a crime in 2015
  17. A visit to NZ by David Cameron will be announced in 2015
  18. The winning design in the first flag referendum (to decide which goes off against the current one) will have a Silver Fern on it
  19. Claire Trevett will hold onto power as Chair of the , defeating the ABT faction once again
  20. The Government will not give a cent to Sky City for the

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