Fairfax scores 141/200

The 2014 Fairfax predictions have been scored.

  1. “National will get a lift in the polls early in the year as the economic news gets better.” 10/10
  2. “John Key will reshuffle his cabinet lineup in the first two months of 2014.” 9/10
  3. “At least one of the Green MPs will step down before the general election.” 5/10
  4. “Two of Labour’s ‘old guard’ will go on the list to give themselves the option of quitting after the election without triggering a by-election.” 0/10
  5. “Brendan Horan, Eric Roy and John Hayes will not be MPs by the end of the year.” 10/10
  6. “Irrespective of the election result, David Cunliffe will stay on as Labour leader.” 3/10
  7. “The Genesis Energy sale will go ahead, but for the election campaign National will call it a day on the partial privatisation programme.” 10/10
  8. “Conservative leader Colin Craig will stand in the East Coast Bays seat, his party will get into Parliament but will not cross the 5 per cent threshold.” 6.66/10
  9. “The economy will start to flag late in 2014 as rising interest rates start to bite.” 6/10
  10. “The brawl between Judith Collins and Steven Joyce over who will inherit John Key’s crown will heat up as the election approaches.” 2/10
  11. “Mr Key will give the thumbs up to talks with all of National’s potential allies: ACT, the Conservatives, the Maori Party and UnitedFuture. But he will make it clear NZ First will be his last cab off the rank if he is in a position to form a government.” 10/10
  12. 12. “The Maori Party will win two seats at the election.” 10/10
  13. “Key will visit the White House and host a high-profile return visit.” 5/10
  14. “ACT will not get more than 1.5 per cent of the vote.” 10/10
  15. “New Zealand’s push for a temporary seat on the United Nations security council will be successful.” 10/10
  16. “A senior member of David Cunliffe’s office will quit.” 10/10
  17. “Housing will be one of the most contentious themes of the year, prompting National to announce further measures to help low-income and first-home buyers.” 10/10
  18. “There will be upsets in the seats of Napier, Mt Roskill, Te Tai Hauauru, Ohariu and Maungakiekie.” 4/10
  19. “The election will be held in October.” 0/10
  20. “National will form a government with at least two other parties.” 10/10

Not a bad score. Their 2015 predictions come out tomorrow.