male-only scholarships illegal?

Stuff reports:

The number of male teachers in New Zealand schools continues to decline despite the Ministry of Education’s attempts to fix the gender imbalance.

In the past 10 years the number of male teachers in both primary and secondary schools has dropped. Last year men made up only 16.5 per cent of primary school teachers and 41.2 per cent at high schools. …

Rotorua principal and former Secondary Principals’ Association president Patrick Walsh recalled the drive for scholarships but said a decision by the Human Rights Commission halted the initiative.

He said despite male teachers being in a minority, scholarships were only available for women, disabled people and those from varying ethnic backgrounds.

The commission had said it would be unlawful to offer male-only scholarships.


A female-only scholarship is legal, but not a male-only one – despite the lack of men in teaching? That’s daft.

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