Tweeting MPs

The Herald looks at some MPs worth following on Twitter.

  1. @jacindaardern. 25,200 followers
  2. @AndrewLittleMP. Followers: 4840
  3. @cjsbishop. Followers: 1850
  4. @grantrobertson1. Followers: 10,400
  5. @jamespeshaw. Followers: 2220
  6. @paulabennettmp. Followers: 3853
  7. @TrevorMallard. Followers: 7391
  8. @winstonpeters. Followers: 9257
  9. @PeterDunneMP. Followers: 5698
  10. @tauhenare. Followers: 6061 (Tau is there as honorary Minister of Twitter outside Parliament).

Some amusing extracts:

Most memorable exchange this year was after someone proposed a sitcom starring Judith Collins and Robertson. Robertson suggested George and Mildred “but with weapons”. Collins replied he was being hard on himself given George was “a lazy, do nothing, gambling moaner”. Robertson replied: “Who said I was George?” Is also humble – of his low ranking on a blog’s “hottest MPs” list: “my hotness is so powerful it is not necessary to talk of it.”


After Samoa’s Prime Minister urged women MPs not to forget their housewifely duties, Bennett tweeted: “can’t read the full story, rushing home to cook husband dinner.”