Brown has one vote!

The Herald reports:

Mayor Len Brown has told an inner circle of friends and advisers he plans to seek re-election next year.

Sources have told the Herald that Mr Brown made the decision over the summer holiday with the support of his wife, Shan Inglis.

That's one vote for him. Not sure he'll get much more than that.

But rather than throw their weight behind the under-fire mayor, it is understood some supporters have told him he has no chance of winning a third term and should step aside.

They do not see any way back for Mr Brown, who has struggled in the wake of an extramarital affair and widespread criticism over management of the city's finances.

I doubt Brown would ever come second. Maybe third.

One source said if Mr Brown does stand, he needed to start planning his campaign and fundraising. would be more difficult at the next election, with law changes preventing mayoral candidates keeping donors' identities secret.

More than $750,000 was raised through the “New Trust” for Mr Brown's first two Super City campaigns.

Who's going to donate money to Brown now that he can't hide it in a trust?

On the , Mr Brown could be replaced by his increasingly popular deputy, , or Mt Roskill MP and former Labour leader Phil Goff.

Ms Hulse, who went on a health kick last year and lifted her profile outside her West Auckland base, has expressed interest in the mayoralty but said she would never stand against Mr Brown.

“Would I have a crack at the top job? I wouldn't discount it, but there is an awful amount of water to flow under the bridge and a hell of a lot of time before the next election,” she told the Herald in October.

Yesterday, Mr Goff reiterated a statement he made before Christmas that he would consider contesting the mayoralty next year “but I don't believe that is where my career path is currently taking me”.

I think Goff will stand. Why would he want a fourth term in Opposition?

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