Hannifin de Joux partners with Crosby Textor

Hannifin de Joux is the Public Affairs and Campaign company of Kiri Kannifin and Jo de Joux. Kiri is a former political advisor in the 5th Labour Government and Jo has been the very successful campaign manager for National for four elections and three by-elections.

They’re just announced:

Kiri Hannifin and Jo de Joux today announced the formation of Hannifin de Joux, an integrated public affairs and campaign consultancy that will form a strategic partnership with CrosbyITextor Group in New Zealand. …

CrosbyITextor is the world’s leading market research, strategic communications and campaign management agency. The company has offices in Australia, the UK, Italy and the UAE.  

“Our collaboration with CrosbyITextor enables us to share their global best practice with local clients. It means we can provide our clients with sophisticated and targeted strategies based on the solid foundation of market research and insights,” says Ms de Joux.

The creation of political strategists Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor, the CrosbyITextor Group draws from an unrivalled bank of campaign experience and expertise to advise corporate clients, investors, industry associations and governments worldwide.

The partnership with Crosby Textor is significant. They are in demand around the globe. I know both Mark Textor and Lynton Crosby, and their experience, insights and effectiveness are almost unmatched. They’re so successful that their very name causes some on the left to enter fits of rage!

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