Taxi competition working

The Herald reports:

A price gap of up to $60 has emerged between taxi companies travelling from Auckland Airport to the city.

The Herald reported on Saturday that an undercover survey of four taxi companies travelling the same route found a difference of up to $40. One company, Black Cabs, charged $91.60, while the cheapest, booked through the app CabChooze, charged $50.83.

The Herald received feedback from readers after the story pointing to much cheaper deals, leading to a bigger difference of nearly $60.

A reporter yesterday took a pre-booked trip from the airport to the city with Cheap Cabs, costing only $33.

The company’s website lists flat-rate fares to and from the airport.

Another company, Discount Taxis, quoted the Herald a cash fare of $40 to travel from the airport to SkyCity.

This is a good thing that there is such a wide range of prices. Some customers are price sensitive and will want the cheapest fare. Others go for quality and will always go for Auckland Combined or Corporate Cabs.

Apps will play a major part in allowing people to choose the cab they want.

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