Anti 1080 nutter threatens poisoning of infant milk formula

RNZ reports:

It was confirmed today that Fonterra and Federated Farmers were sent a letter each in November containing a blackmail threat and powder.

It tested positive for concentrated forms of 1080. No more correspondence had been received from the letter writer since.

Officials stressed that in the interim Government officials and the industry had been working to ensure all the threatened products were safe. This had included a new testing regime, which was designed to detect 1080. To date, 40,000 tests had been carried out and no 1080 had been found. The testing would continue.

Police were following a number of lines of inquiry but were now going public for help.

It may well be a hoax, but with some anti 1080 nutters, you can never be sure. I hope they find the person or persons responsible and they get sent away.

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