Lundy gets three extra years

Well justice has been wise this time, and Lundy is again found guilty. His original trial got him a 17 year non parole period. This one got him 20 years non parole. And far from likely he’d even get out after 20 years considering he won’t admit his guilt.

Stuff reports:

Crown prosecutor Philip Morgan managed to sum up those years of Lundy’s life during his closing address to the retrial jury. If Lundy did not kill his wife of 17 years and their 7-year-old daughter, “he would have to be the unluckiest man in the world”.

Lundy claimed he was that man, despite damning evidence to the contrary.

His claim did not persuade the jury, which found him guilty.

Anyone who sat through every day the retrial should not be surprised at the verdicts.

Always interesting to hear the opinion of someone who actually heard all the evidence.

He dropped multiple zingers, but one line struck the strongest: “No husband should have his wife’s brain on his shirt.”


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