Finally Ngāpuhi negotiations to commence

Chris Finlayson has announced:

The Crown and the Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority (Tūhoronuku IMA) have signed Terms of Negotiation and are ready to begin negotiating a Treaty settlement for the benefit of all Ngāpuhi, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Christopher Finlayson announced today.

Tūhoronuku IMA is the mandated representative of Ngāpuhi, New Zealand’s largest iwi, for Treaty of Waitangi settlement negotiations.

“This is an important milestone for Ngāpuhi,” Mr Finlayson said. “We can now begin genuine conversations with hapū about their specific concerns and work towards a settlement that will provide all Ngāpuhi with a strong social and economic platform for the future.”

This announcement is particularly significant given that today also marks the 20thAnniversary of the signing of Tainui’s Treaty of Waitangi settlement.

“Tainui provides an excellent example of just what an iwi can achieve for its people post-settlement,” Mr Finlayson said.

This is the last major settlement. There has been years and years of delay as a few hapu oppose the mandated authority, but the reality is 76% of Ngāpuhi who voted, voted in favour of the mandate. That’s an overwhelming mandate (3:1). If you insist on 1005 agreement, then there would be no settlements ever.

Northland is a very economically depressed area. A settlement could make a significant difference to the region, let alone the members of Ngāpuhi. And anyone who has studied history will know many wrongs were done by the Crown. On average the settlements are worth probably just 1% of the estimated value of lost properties, so they are not unaffordable. In fact they have averaged just over $50 million a year.

If this negotiation proceeds to settlement, then the historical settlements will be close to finished. Most Iwi who have settled have not tried to relitigate historical grievances, but have focused on using the settlements to put their Iwi on

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