Little gets hysterical

The Herald reports:

Labour leader Andrew Little says the Government is guilty of gross deception in the election campaign, accusing it of knowing it could not meet its promised surplus in the current financial year but continuing to promise it.

“I see it for what it is – one of the biggest political deceptions in a lifetime,” he said in a pre-Budget speech to the Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce.

To say this is a hysterical over-reaction would be unfair to hysterical people.

It’s an economic and fiscal forecast that didn’t occur due to (mainly) low inflation and low interest rates. Calling it the biggest political deception of his lifetime is desperate and hysterical.

As some on the left have pointed out, Little is saying the fact the forecast surplus didn’t eventuate is a bigger issue than the fact the Weapons of Mass Destruction which justified the invasion of Iraq did not exist!

Labour seem to have adopted a strategy of having no policies on anything for 18 – 24 months, and just shrilly call John Key a liar as often as possible. I’m not sure this will succeed anymore than their previous strategies – except to make Little fairly unpopular. People want leadership, not whatever they think this is.

Mr Little argued that the economy was suffering from over-reliance on dairy and that the John Key-led Government should have directed investments into a more diverse range of economic activity.

So Andrew thinks it is the job of the Government to direct investment? Does he suggest a law forcing people to sell their cows and plant trees? The Government sets the environment, but does not direct investment. It is alarming he thinks the Government should be.

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