Parliament 26 May 2015

The order paper is here.

Oral Questions 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

  1. METIRIA TUREI to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements?
  2. TIM MACINDOE to the Minister of Finance: How does Budget 2015 continue the Government’s plan to manage the public finances while supporting the most vulnerable?
  3. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Why has he reneged on his commitment made in 2011 that “the $1,000 kick-start for new KiwiSaver members will remain as it is now” by removing the kick-start in this year’s Budget, and did he renege on any other commitments in the Budget?
  4. BARBARA KURIGER to the Minister for Primary Industries:How will Budget 2015 help develop more water storage and irrigation projects?
  5. RON MARK to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements?
  6. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Finance: Does he agree with National Party finance spokesperson Bill English, “We don’t believe in new and more taxes. We think we can manage with the tax revenue we have”?
  7. TODD MULLER to the Minister for Social Development: How does Budget 2015 help parents who receive a benefit?
  8. JAMES SHAW to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: How many of the 900 ewes that flew to Saudi Arabia on Singapore Airlines in October 2014 at the taxpayers’ expense are still alive?
  9. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister for Building and Housing: Does he stand by his statement that the 500 hectares of surplus Crown land he has identified “has already been zoned as residential, but with no existing buildings or tenants to manage – meaning houses will be able to be brought to market faster”?
  10. SCOTT SIMPSON to the Minister of Health: What progress has been made towards achieving the Government’s national health target?
  11. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Minister of Defence: Does the New Zealand Defence Force training of Iraqi Army troops include giving them the will to fight?
  12. Dr PARMJEET PARMAR to the Minister for Building and Housing: What progress has the Government made in increasing the supply of housing in Christchurch and what lessons can be learnt in addressing Auckland’s issues?

National: Five patsies on Budget 2015 x3, health targets and housing in Christchurch

Labour: Four questions on KiwiSaver, taxes, Auckland housing land and Iraq

Greens: Two questions on PM standing by his statements and ewes to Saudia Arabia

NZ First: One question on PM standing by his statements

Budget Debate 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm and 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm

The Budget debate has 13 hours and 13 minutes remaining of the 15 hours allocated. They should get through 5.5 hours today. Each remaining MP can speak for up to 10 minutes, and the Minister of Finance has a final 10 minute right of reply.

Technically it is the second reading of the Appropriation (2015/16 Estimates) Bill.


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