Some hope for Labour

Stuff reports:

A Wellington school principal admits he’s physically wrestled out-of-control teenagers in the past and says he wouldn’t want new restraint and time-out guidelines to stop him from doing it again.

The Ministry of Education is writing up guidelines for schools to help deal with students who need to be secluded when their aggression gets out of hand.

Tranquilizer darts maybe?

Naenae College principal John Russell said he’s stepped “beyond the law” a number of times and recalled one former student he regularly had to “hold down” until he’d calmed down.

Probably a technical breach of the law, but the right thing to do.

Russell said when the ministry drew up surrender and retention guidelines last year principals weren’t allowed to confiscate things from students that could put the rest of the school at risk.

“Anything involving the law tends to result in guidelines that support the human rights of a child and don’t concentrate on the safety of everyone else.”

Indeed. Luckily the guidelines were changed after an outcry.

Labour education spokesman Chris Hipkins said schools were in a difficult position, as often the rules were “too politically correct” and as a result the rest of the school community ends up at risk.

Common sense from Labour. Yay. There is hope.

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