The ginger liberation front

The Daily Mail reports:

A ginger-haired extremist accused of plotting a copycat Andres Breivik terror attack allegedly wanted to assassinate Prince Charles so Prince Harry would become king, a court has heard.

Loner Mark Colborne, who felt ‘marginalised’ because of hair colour, allegedly planned to ‘take out’ the Prince of Wales with a sniper to allow his youngest son to become heir to the throne.

The court heard how the 37-year-old allegedly dreamt up the terror plot at his home in Southampton, in an apparent bid to transform himself from a ginger-haired victim into a notorious military terrorist.

He didn’t think this through very well. To get a ginga onto the throne, he’d have to take out Charles, William, George and now Charlotte.

Penning his ambitions, he allegedly wrote how he would become a ‘fully-transformed military terrorist’ who would be known for ‘striking at the hearts of the dark-haired, dark-eyed Caucasian race’.

I have bad news for him. He is also a Caucasian.

The Old Bailey heard how, in another entry, Colborne allegedly promised to target the prince ‘for the Aryan people’, adding: ‘If I had the right weapon, military grade sniper rifle, I would take out Prince Charles and a few others for the sake of the Aryan people.

I thought the Ayran supremacists were about killing off non-Caucasians!

In another entry read to the court, he allegedly wrote: ‘I want my legacy to say that I fought a one man war against the capitalist regime.

Also against capitalism!

But Colborne’s plans were foiled when his half-brother Kevin found receipts for chemicals bought on Amazon on the landing floor while decorating in June last year and told his mother, Patricia.

When police were called they found books about poisons and explosives titled ‘Silent Death’, ‘Assorted Nasties’, and ‘The Poor Man’s James Bond’, the court heard.

Detectives also found spray bottles which could be used to squirt cyanide at his victims and a chemical that helped poisons penetrate through the skin, it is claimed. 

An idiot, but one who could have done a lot of harm.

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