Paris taxi drivers reports:

ANGER against ride-booking app continues to escalate with taxi drivers and even a former cop in Australia taking matters into their own hands.

Taxi drivers set fire to cars and blocked major roads in France overnight as protests exploded into violence against the illegal service.

One private chauffeur was pulled from his van by angry cab drivers who shouted “why did you come to work, you know we’re on strike today,” according to AFP. Meanwhile in Strasbourg taxi drivers posed as customers to lure Uber drivers and assault them.

American rocker Courtney Love was caught up in the demonstrations when a vehicle she was travelling in outside Paris was attacked.

She tweeted that protesters “ambushed” her vehicle and “were holding our driver hostage”.

In the most serious incident in Paris, one private chauffeur, who said he did not work for Uber “or any other app” was dragged from his van when he reached a blockade in the west of Paris.

Angry taxi drivers slashed the tyres of his vehicle, smashed a window and then set it and a chauffeur-driven van on fire.

On at least two occasions in Strasbourg in eastern France last week, taxi drivers posed as customers in order to lure Uber drivers to isolated spots where they were assaulted by cab drivers and their vehicles damaged.
Well that really makes me think that these are the sort of people I want driving me around Paris.
So sad that thugs think violence is the answer to competition. Little better than the mafia or the 1930s gangs of New York.
People choose Uber for probably four main reasons:
  1. Better service – easy to order, find, and pay for
  2. Cheaper
  3. Safer
  4. Better quality drivers

If you don’t want people choosing Uber over your own taxis, then makes taxis better service, safer, better quality and cheaper.

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