An Orwellian statement from NZ First

3 News reports:

The former president of New Zealand First’s youth wing has been charged with possession of cannabis for supply.

Curwen Rolinson’s always been a troublemaker for New Zealand First and now it seems he’s a law-breaker as well.

Police arrested the aspiring politician on April 15, and he since appeared in court charged with possession of cannabis for supply.


Winston Peters in a huge show of loyalty to one of his most dedicated followers put out this statement:

A remit proposing to formalise a youth wing is coming before the New Zealand First Convention in August.

Mr Curwen Rolinson was told countless times never to call himself the president or leader of a youth wing. New Zealand First does not have a youth wing in its Constitution, and therefore does not have a former or present president of such an organisation.

This is such a rewriting of history, it ranks up there “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia” from George Orwell’s 1984 novel.

Here’s a few of the numerous mentions in the media over the years of Curwen as leader of the NZ First Youth. He’s also been on Backbenches many times representing the party.

Most delegates were aged over 60 but the party known for attracting the older voter could also be fielding one of this year’s youngest candidates if 21-year-old Curwen Rolinson, leader of the party’s youth section, gets the nod.

Herald on Sunday July 2011

NZ First President Kevin Gardener has confirmed the party has shut down its social media pages but is downplaying reports the move is linked to the leader of the party’s youth wing, Curwen Rolinson.

NZ Herald October 2013

The president of NZ First’s youth wing has signed a pledge in favour of same-sex marriage.

It is a move that goes against the party’s opposition to the marriage equality bill, which is due for its second reading in Parliament on Thursday.

NZ First Youth president Curwen Rolinson was one of eight youth party representatives who signed a marriage equality certificate outside Parliament this morning.


3 News March 2013

They’re young and politically minded, with plenty to say on the issues that affect New Zealanders. Karyn & Andrew talk to Curwen Rolinson of NZ first youth and Taylor Warwood of Act on Campus./

Radio Live March 2013

The Facebook page Letcher was referring to belongs to NZ First Youth leader Curwen Rolinson, who posted

Waikato Times December 2014

Everyone in politics knows that Curwen was the leader of their youth wing for several years. For Peters to claim he never was, is just appalling.

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