The Labour cure/curse hits again

Labour have a long history of claiming something is a crisis, and then you have record good news in that area. Their claims of a manufacturing crisis saw the manufacturing indexes hit 10 year highs.

Just last month Labour was claiming milk prices were too high. They said that it was awful that milk cost less than coke, which seemed a bizarre comparison. And as I pointed out they picked the one month in the last two years where in fact milk was cheaper than coke.

Their cure/curse continues with Stats NZ reporting this month:

In the year to June 2015, food prices decreased 0.1 percent, Statistics New Zealand said today. This drop follows eight consecutive food price increases since the year to October 2014.

Grocery food prices decreased 2.1 percent over the year, influenced by lower prices for fresh milk and bread. Prices for meat, poultry, and fish also decreased – down 1.9 percent from June 2014.

“The average price for 2 litres of blue-top milk was $3.36 in June, down 9.4 percent from its peak in November 2014,” consumers price index delivery manager Matt Haigh said. “The price of fresh milk is the lowest it’s been since August 2013, when 2 litres of blue-top cost $3.17.”

Well done Labour. Once again your timing is superb.

Some interesting data from the release:

  • Food prices overall are 0.1% lower than a year ago
  • Fresh milk is 6.7% lower than a year ago
  • Soft drinks are 4.2% higher than a year ago

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