An end to one rort

The CTU has complained:

The CTU has today announced that its Health and Safety Representative Training programme, supported by ACC since 2003, will be ending in its current form this November.

Business New Zealand and private provider Impac Services are also affected by ACC’s decision.

ACC has supported this training since 2003, and over 33,000 Health and Safety Reps have been upskilled by the CTU in this period.

This training was a huge money maker for the CTU and Business NZ. The Taxpayers Union in 2014 exposed that ACC’s own internal papers found that of every $1 spent on this training, it returned a benefit of just 16 cents, so 84 cents was wasted.

Over ten years the CTU and Business NZ had received $19 million of ACC funding, yet the benefits delivered were estimated to be just $3.04 million.

I’m pleased to see ACC focus its money on effective prevention programmes, rather than fund two wealthy organisations.

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