The future of work under Labour is don’t work!

Stuff reports:

The ideas are outlined in the party’s second paper on the future of work, which points to the Danish model of “flexicurity” as one option.

The Danish approach aims to promote employment security over job security according to that country’s official website.

The flexicurity “golden triangle” involves flexible rules for employers when hiring and firing alongside a guaranteed unemployment benefit at a relatively high level – up to 90 per cent for the lowest paid workers.

Hey why work, when you can get 90% of your income by not working.

Labour says the minimum wage should be $16.25 an hour. ย For a 40 hour week that is $650 a week so 90% is $585 a week or $30,500 a year to be on the unemployment benefit.

Say 120,000 on unemployment benefits (inevitably will be way way more than that if you make it more generous) and that is $3.66 billion a year just on the unemployment benefit.

This is Labour’s future of non work!

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