Was it a Jewish dolphin?

The Telegraph reports:

A dolphin purportedly conducting a “spying mission for the Israeli government” has been apprehended by the Gaza-based militant group Hamas in the Mediterranean sea, it was reported on Wednesday.

The dolphin caught the attention of the Palestinian militants because it was conducting “suspicious” manoeuvres in the water, Hamas said.

Like swimming?

According to the Al Quds publication, the dolphin was also carrying a device capable of firing arrows which could harm a human being. The animal remains in Hamas custody.

Wow, a dolphin that can fire a bow and arrow!

It seems Jewish animals are everywhere:

In 2007, fourteen squirrels were reportedly “arrested” on surveillance charges in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The country’s media network IRNA reported that the rodents were discovered carrying “eavesdropping devices”.

A year later, Iranian security forces arrested two suspected “spy pigeons”near a nuclear facility.

In 2011, a “Mossad vulture” was captured in Saudi Arabia on suspicions of surveillance.

I love it – a Mossad vulture.