Walker quits

The Washington Post reports:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is suspending his presidential campaign Monday, according to several Republicans briefed on his plans, effectively ending a once-promising GOP presidential bid that collapsed amid tepid debate performances and other missteps. He planned to speak to reporters at a 5 p.m. CT press conference in Madison, Wis.

Walker, had enjoyed from -tier status when he launched his bid earlier this year, had seen his candidacy wilt in the heat of a summer dominated by Donald Trump.

Walker’s backers saw a campaign discombobulated by Trump’s booming popularity and by his provocative language on immigration, China and other issues. They saw in Walker a candidate who — in contrast to the discipline he showed in state races — continued to commit unforced errors, either out of lack of preparation or in an attempt to grab part of the flamboyant businessman’s following.

Walker had great promise. He was probably my preferred candidate as he actually had a track record of governing, and stood up to the unions.

But the combination of a poor campaign and the Trump circus saw him fade away. He was at just 1% in the most recent poll.

His withdrawal is significant, more so than the earlier one of Rick Perry. Perry was always a favourite son candidate only. But Walker was one of three establishment candidates who were front-runners – along with Bush and Rubio.

I don’t see Trump or Carson getting the nomination. Both say too many stupid things. It doesn’t dent their core support, but it means they are unlikely to get a majority of Republican delegates voting for them.

Fiorina is on a rise, and credible. She could attack Hillary like no-one else can. But her record at HP is a millstone that can sink her, as it has in the past.

My pick at the moment would be Rubio. His and energy would be a counter to Hillary, and he is really really smart. Has become a real expert on foreign policy. However his downside is his lack of governing experience.

Bush is okay, and has a great record as governor. My worry is Bush vs Clinton will go the same way as 1992.

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