Danger Will Robinson Danger

Stuff reports:

Direct flights to Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai could be on the cards for the capital if an extension to Wellington Airport’s runway goes ahead, the council has heard.

Note the weasel words of “could be”. Not will be, probably will be, or should be but could be.

A torrid affair with Angelina Jolie might be on the cards for me, if ratepayers give me $300 million.

But any decision to proceed with the $300 million move will have to be made without an airline being locked-in to start operating the long-haul flights.

No, no, no no.

That is build it and they will come thinking. Or in this case build it and they could come.

If one or more airlines made a firm commitment to fly to Wellington if the runway was extended, then it could be worth pursuing. But with no commitment from any airline, this could be a huge white elephant.

Wellington City councillors were told on Thursday that the city would have to show its hand first when it came to the proposed 300-metre extension because it was unlikely a long-haul airline would put serious consideration into adding the capital as a destination until the longer runway was a certainty.

Buy me a $300 million chicken and I could lay an egg.

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