Maybe the answer is to give all schools the flexibility charter schools have?

The Herald reports:

Small class sizes have been hailed as one of the key conditions to charter school success in a first report into how the controversial education model is working.

The report, by consultancy Martin Jenkins on behalf of the Ministry of Education, found early evidence the schools are developing innovative solutions for their communities, with schools enjoying the flexibility of the funding model.

This is key. The funding model is flexible – basically in bulk.

State schools have formulas for almost everything – their number of staff, their buildings grants, their operations, their ICT.  They generally do not have the flexibility to take money from one pool and spend it in another.

I’d see it as a good thing if state schools could sign up to the charter school model – still owned by the state, but with the flexible funding charter schools get. They don’t get more money, they just have full discretion on how to spend it.

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