Craig not standing for leader – for now

Stuff reports:

Colin Craig will not be seeking re-election as leader of the Conservative Party he founded, saying it would be “unreasonable” while there was an open police file against his name. 

But should his legal battles be cleared before the 2017 election, he would “absolutely” seek a position on the party’s list. 

Newly-elected Conservative Party board chair Leighton Baker said the party and Craig had agreed he would not go on as leader.

But there was “no hurry” to appoint a new one, as the new board looked to settle in and rebuild its membership firs

That could suggest that they will keep the role vacant until such time as Craig is cleared, if he is cleared.

He expected his legal battles would be cleared up before the next election however, and he would seek a place on the party’s list. 

“These things are a little bit difficult to be absolute on the timeframe.

“But as soon as I reach that point I would be contacting the party and saying ‘look, I’ve got all clear, I’m happy I’ve cleared it away’ – obviously the party is going to have to be happy with that but my feeling is I’d definitely put my name back in the ring,” Craig said. 

“I mean I support the party, I’m happy to stand and I got a fair few people to vote for me.”

I have to say I find it hard to see how the Conservatives can make 5% after all the damage from the infighting. But time will tell.

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