Hulse attacks Brown

Stuff reports:

Outgoing Auckland Mayor Len Brown is “not a team player”, his deputy says. …

Announcing his final decision on a Sunday morning without consulting anyone first was typical of his leadership style, she said.

“I thought we should have at least been accorded the respect to have been brought round the table to talk about how he was going to make that announcement.

“Len’s just not a team player,” Hulse said.

“That’s where the energy has drained out over the last couple of years around the council table.

“For those of us who’ve held things together it’s been pretty exhausting really.

“A good leader needs to spend as much time with his troops around the table and talking about things in detail as he does out the front chairing meetings and leading.”

Brown had not necessarily done a good job of that, she said.

That’s very damning, from your own hand-picked Deputy Mayor.

On the subject of Labour MP Phil Goff’s expected bid for the mayoralty she said she hoped he would be focused on what’s good for Auckland, rather than politics.

“The last thing we need is the long hand of Wellington running things in Auckland.”

Can Phil Goff put aside being a partisan MP for 35 years, to work with all Councillors?

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