Is Kia Ora Gaza a hate group?

Shalom Kiwi blogs:

New Zealand group, Kia Ora Gaza claims to be a humanitarian organisation dedicated to delivering aid to Gaza, breaking “Israel’s siege” of Gaza, “fostering fraternal relations”, and “enhancing the understanding of the Middle East”.

The reality is that Kia Ora Gaza’s activities are hardly humanitarian, and it actively works against peace and reconciliation between the Palestinians and Israelis. In effect it works to prolong the conflict, while fomenting hate and distrust through a deliberate campaign of misinformation and incitement.

In short, Kia Ora Gaza is a hate group. How do we know this? Quite simply, we listened to its rhetoric, the rhetoric of its representatives, and reviewed and analysed what it posts on its website and onsocial media.

Here are six good reasons why Kia Ora Gaza is a hate group:

The six reasons are:

  1. Kia Ora Gaza supports terrorism
  2. Kia Ora Gaza promotes anti-Semitic libels
  3. Kia Ora Gaza seeks the destruction of Israel
  4. Kia Ora Gaza uses humanitarian aid money for illegal and foolhardy publicity stunts
  5. Kia Ora Gaza is completely one-sided in its condemnation
  6. Kia Ora Gaza promotes the bigoted Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement

Sadly this group gets support from Maori TV, so is effectively taxpayer funded.

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