The most powerful women on Twitter?

Stuff reports:

If Michelle Obama wants to up her game on social media, she could do worse than turning to former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark for a few tips.

Clark, who heads the United Nations Development Programme, has been named the sixth most influential female leader on social media by online business, economics and finance magazine Richtopia.

Her ranking on the Top 100 list puts her ahead of the First Lady of the United States, who came in at eighth, and Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington, who took out the ninth spot.

The list is of course subjective. Let’s look at something perhaps more objective, such as number of followers on Twitter for the top 10:

1. Hillary Clinton – 4.61 million
2. Oprah Winfrey – 29.5 million
3. Nancy Pelosi – 0.68 million
4. Maria Shriver – 2.33 million
5. Dilma Rousseff – 4.17 million
6. Helen Clark – 0.10 million
7. Katie Couric – 1.38 million
8. Michelle Obama – 5.39 million
9. Arianna Huffington – 2.16 million
10. Emma Watson – 19.8 million

So I don’t think Michelle Obama will be too worried!