Will Crone stand?

The Herald reports:

Auckland business boss has ranked the city’s biggest challenges as rates rises, traffic and housing and revealed she will announce next week whether she will stand for mayor.

In her first media interview on major Auckland issues, the Xero managing director was frank on concerns about the city’s direction, leadership and its inability to grasp or take advantage of significant technological changes. …

“There are multiple issues for Auckland’s citizens: rates increases, traffic in terms of congestion and public transport, and housing affordability. I think the public is very dissatisfied with the level of rate increases. I don’t feel the city has used technology or innovation to solve some of its major problems,” she said, referring to remote workplaces, which she said was a major global trend.

“We can be setting up trials and programmes between the public and private enterprise.”

She also wants Auckland to examine driverless buses and car technology to ease road congestion.

“International research shows you can shift [traffic] volumes 50 to 100 times faster with driverless vehicles. It’s not about saying we’re going to solve it tomorrow, but where is the thinking in the next five to 10 years? I’m not sure we’re looking strongly at future innovations. I think there’s plenty of opportunities,” she said.

On the controversial port issue, Crone indicated she wanted facilities moved from the CBD. “There are two aspects to the port: cars and the port and secondly the question has to be asked of what city has a major port in prime land? It needs a look.”

Under Len the Port seemed to be running the Council. Would be nice to have it the other way around!

Victoria Crone

Position: Managing director of technology company Xero
Age: 42
Lives: In an Auckland apartment and at Muriwai
Family: Single. Daughters Megan, 15, Mackenzie, 11
Interests: Multisport and triathlon events, kayaking.

Victoria was eight years old when Phil Goff became an MP.

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